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Enhance Your
Natural, Radiant Look.

At Aesthetically Yours, Dr. Taqi and his team of experts offer non-surgical services to the residents of Thousand Oaks, West Lake, Woodland Hills, Ventura, and surrounding Los Angeles areas.

What We Do

Lines and Wrinkles

Crows feet and smile lines

Every day of our lives, we make hundreds of different expressions, whether we realize we’re doing it or not. Over time, these expressions can leave lines and creases in our skin, like the lines around our eyes (crow’s feet) or the deep folds around our mouth (smile lines). While the goal is never to stop you from smiling, Botox® treatments can soften lines and wrinkles, restoring a youthful vibrancy to your appearance.

Sunspots & Pigmentation

Dark Spots & Discoloration

Once you’ve reached your gorgeous 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, you’ve had many summer days spent beneath the sun under your belt. While these days hold precious memories, they can also leave their mark on your skin. At Aesthetically Yours, we offer non-invasive skin treatments that help target stubborn sunspots and pigmentation, including:
Intensive Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)
Laser Skin Resurfacing

Acne and Acne Scars

Improve Skin Texture

Textured skin, or skin with textural issues like acne, acne scars, or enlarged pores, can cause immense damage to your self-confidence and how attractive you feel. At Aesthetically Yours, we offer the powerful skin resurfacing treatment Microneedling with Radiofrequency. This state-of-the-art treatment helps stimulate your body’s natural healing response by boosting collagen production and exfoliating away dead skin cells that can get trapped in the pores and beneath the skin to cause surface texture.

Treatments For Double Chin

Improve Your Profile

Hiding your face in photos because you’re embarrassed about your double chin can be a thing of the past with Kybella treatments at Aesthetically Yours. Kybella® injections involve a fat cell destroying solution being inserted into the subcutaneous fat beneath the chin. After a few weeks, you can see your jawline and chin become more defined, taking weight and years off of your appearance without surgery or recovery time.

All Ages

Young Adult

Patients over 18 years old and going into their 20s are always experimenting with their aesthetics, and we’re here to help them do it in a safe, effective, and professional way. From treatments like lip augmentation to skin rejuvenation treatments, we have something to offer the young adults in our communities to help them put their best face forward as they embark into adulthood.


Once we hit our 30, collagen production begins to decrease. We see the results of this decrease in our skin by way of lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. In our 30s, we’re breaking down more collagen than we’re producing, which can be addressed with these popular treatments:


Patients in their 40s are beginning to experience a little bit of everything all at once: color, texture, volume loss, and the beginning signs of bone loss. Our facial skeleton begins to change during this period. It can appear to shrink backward into our face, so we begin to see marionette lines that can make us look sad, under-eye bags, and nasolabial folds that appear around the nose and mouth. Your 40’s are a great time to start treating these areas with treatments like:



In your 50s your body not only decreases its collagen production, but also its estrogen production as well. Estrogen promotes the production of collagen and oils in your skin, keeping you healthy and hydrated. At Aesthetically Yours, we offer several cosmetic treatments for our patients who are trying to combat signs of aging and restore their skin to its former glory:


Your 60s can be one of the most exciting decades of your life. Whether you’re celebrating the end of a wildly successful career, having grandchildren, or planning vacations—there is so much to look forward to. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to define your face, your skin has lost elasticity, and your complexion may have lost its vibrancy. Here are some popular cosmetic treatments for women in their 60s:


There is a continuous loss of subcutaneous fat as the human body ages, which results in deeper set wrinkles. In addition, long-term sun exposure can also cause discoloration and fine lines on the skin. At Aesthetically Yours, our patients entering their 70’s love these non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments that help them look refreshed, young, and beautiful.


There are numerous reasons to want to look younger than your chronological age, ranging from enhancing self-esteem, looking as young as you feel, social reasons and obligations, or preparing for an upcoming reunion or event. As long as you are in good health and it is safe for us to do so, we offer these skin rejuvenating procedures to patients who want to enter their 80s with grace:


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