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Radiesse and Radiesse Hyperdilute

Radiesse and Radiesse Hyperdilute in Thousand Oaks, CA

Over time, due to age, stress, sun exposure, and life in general, we begin to see the deterioration of our skin manifest in many different ways, including wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, creases, and furrows that can make us look weathered and tired. Another common sign of aging that can be just as frustrating is the decrease in facial volume that occurs.

The body’s specific reserve of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are key to keeping skin supple, youthful, and healthy, begin to dwindle and cause hollowness to appear in the cheeks, under the eyes, and around the mouth. At Aesthetically Yours, we have just the solution to help reverse most of the unwanted effects of time with a treatment called Radiesse and Radiesse Hyperdilute. Classified as dermal fillers, these products help address the appearance of volume loss in the face, neck, and hands.

Interested in seeing what Radiesse or Radiesse Hyperdilute can do for you? We invite you to read on or contact us online to schedule a consultation with the experienced and renowned neuroendovascular surgeon Dr. Taqi. We are located in Thousand Oaks, CA, and extend our services to patients visiting from West Lake, Woodland Hills, Ventura, Camarillo, Calabasas, and many more locations around Southern California.

What is Radiesse and Radiesse Hyperdilute, and How Are They Different?

Radiesse has become a popular alternative to traditional hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvéderm or Restylane products. Unlike other brands of dermal fillers, Radiesse is not made from hyaluronic acid but rather calcium hydroxyapatite gel-based microspheres that, when strategically injected, help define and sculpt the jawline. Over time, it will also help your skin create new, natural collagen, so you receive the immediate benefit of a facial dermal filler and the long-lasting benefits of collagen production in the skin.

Radiesse Hyperdilute is simply Radiesse filler that has been combined with saline solution and lidocaine, a mild anesthetic. This combination offers benefits for patients searching to achieve their ideal aesthetic goals with minimal discomfort and increased satisfaction. By stimulating collagen production, Radiesse Hyperdilute is commonly used to treat areas where skin is sagging or loose. Often, it’s used around the chin to enhance the projection or sharpness between the jawline and neck.

What Benefits Do Radiesse Treatments Offer Thousand Oak Patients?

In addition to creating smooth and supple skin, Radiesse treatments also offer Thousand Oak patients the following benefits:

  • Immediate, long-term results
  • Enhances the production of collagen
  • Short treatment times
  • FDA-Approved, safe, and effective treatments
  • Smooths wrinkles, creases, furrows, lines, and folds
  • Zero downtime or recovery period
  • Virtually no risk of body rejection or allergic reaction
  • Highly satisfying results


Who Is a Good Candidate for Radiesse Injections?

Thousand Oak patients who find that they are unhappy or self-conscious about nasolabial folds or marionette lines around their nose and mouth, as well as lack of facial contour with a weak chin or jawline, may be good candidates for this versatile procedure.

Radiesse clients should also not be currently pregnant or nursing and should be in stable mental and physical health with no major health concerns. We also recommend our patients refrain from drinking alcohol or taking pain medications that contain blood thinners, as these can enhance bruising in the treatment areas.

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Your Journey Starts Today!

Aesthetically Yours is a boutique aesthetics practice led by Dr. Taqi, a highly-experienced and renowned neurointerventionalist (neurosurgeon). We are committed to achieving the highest levels of patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction. We work with our clients to help them look their personal best, emphasizing their natural beauty and features. Ready to see what we can do for you? Contact us today!

What Does a Radiesse Treatment at Aesthetically Yours Entail?

Your highly versed and professionally trained aestheticians at Aesthetically Yours will use an extremely fine needle to administer your injections. Treatments usually require about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, making it the perfect “lunch break” procedure for patients with busy schedules who only have small pockets of available time. In addition, since Radiesse Plus is formulated with lidocaine, patients experience virtually zero pain after treatment.

What to Expect After a Radiesse Treatment?

Radiesse treatments require zero downtime. The area around the injection sites may be red and swollen at first, but these symptoms should quickly resolve in approximately an hour. You will see noticeable improvements in the volume and texture of your skin. However, the full effects of your Radiesse treatment will be noticeable after 6 to 8 weeks.

Schedule Your Radiesse or Radiesse Hyperdilute Consultation in Thousand Oaks, CA

At Aesthetically Yours, we prioritize providing a safe, comfortable, and relaxing experience for all. To learn about Radiesse or our collection of other dermal filler options, don’t hesitate to contact our Thousand Oaks medical spa to arrange your consultation. Dr. Taqi can help guide you through your treatment options and determine the best aesthetic treatment to help you achieve your goals.

If you decide Radiesse treatment is the ideal way to reach your desired goals, Dr. Taqi and his wonderful team of experts will schedule the earliest appointment available to fit your schedule.

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